In about 1960, Kearfott painted three very unusual works for the office of his nephew, W. Conrad Stone, who was an ophthalmologist. These works illustrate the most common eye diseases – cataracts, glaucoma, and detached retina –  and the symptoms and treatment for each.


On the back of the paintings are explanations of the symbols depicted. The Ancient Disease of Glaucoma is diagnosed with a slit lamp exam and treated with drops.

Before and After a cataract operation, includes Robert Kearfott as the patient.

The Urgency of a Detached Retina is symbolized by the “Well Eye of Horus Struck by Lightning.”

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A note on the back of one of these paintings reads, “ R. Kearfott did not want to sign these ‘illustrations’, but did so at the request of his nephew, C. Stone.”