San Francisco 1916-22. As a member of the art staff of H.K. McCann advertising Company in San Francisco from 1916-22, Kearfott produced illustrations and covers for national magazines and posters for organizations including the Red Cross.   droppedImage-small-30

droppedImage-small-32Fine Art Makes Fine Advertising (RJR Report, 3rd Quarter, 1945) includes the Del Monte advertising illustration called The Modern Genie of the Can. The caption reads “Robert R. Kearfott (1890-1969) was sought after by Collier’s and
other mass-audience magazines from about 1930 to 1950. He painted the somewhat whimsical piece for Del Monte in 1918.” It is believed this piece is now held in a private collection.

The frontispiece reads “Our Cover: Out of the Spirit of ’49 by California artist Robert Kearfott, originally appeared as the illustration for a Del Monte advertisement in the Saturday Evening Post.” A mural-sized copy of the original painting hangs on the wall of Del Monte Corporation’s San Francisco headquarters.



IMG_2661-27In addition to his advertising work, a few paintings from his San Francisco period are known. Fisherman’s Wharf, painted in 1919, is one of these.